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Anytown, FL - Demo Group

Demo group is dedicated to exchanging qualified business referrals.

Demo Group


Group Created: 05/16/2011

Group Location: Anytown, FL USA

Meeting Time & Location

Demo Group meets the first and third Thursday of every month from 8am-9am at The Cup O' Coffee location on Main St.

Demo group is dedicated to exchanging qualified business referrals.

Why Join Demo Group

Demo Group is made up of professionals from different industries that assemble to share qualified business referrals with one another.

Demo group reserves an exclusive position for an individual in each profession (this is to ensure that no one within the group is in direct competition). Every member in the chapter has their own network of friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances. As members of the group go throughout their personal and professional life, they encounter people in their network that will require the services of their fellow lead group members. By connecting people in their network with members in the group, warm referrals are shared and revenue is generated. Once established in a Lead Linked Leads Club, each of the members becomes a walking ambassador for your business.

In demo group we understand the power of giving!

Industries We Are Looking For

Payroll Services, Auto Body Repair, Real Estate, Insurance, Accounting, Print Media, Event Planner, Catering

If your profession is on this list please fill out the Join This Group form for consideration.

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